About us

Choice Holidays is a Tourists Destination Management Wing of Al-Canari Tourism LLC, Dubai, UAE.

Al-Canari Tourism (Since 1994) is one of the local tourism market leaders in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As an established and progressive tourism company, it has been appraised and evolved for tourism, destinations management, events management and offering world class tourism facilities. Having a privilege to create innovative ideas of emerging recreational tourist attractions, it stands out with certain quality local tourism recognitions.

Expanding organizational hierarchy of diversionary suites of tourism services, Al-Canari Tourism renders several tourism packages, attractions, recreational activities, travel and transport under the world famous operational code of conduct like SAT and Oracle as its basic system support to maximize the quality of operations, harmony of supply chain and adequately managed human resources as well as material resources for better reliability and durable existence in respective Travel & Tourism market of UAE.

Al-Canari is an Arabic word represents a wild bird of prey dwelling in Arabian and African deserts, famous for its rapid, sharp and versatility of desert hunting of wipers, rates and other crawling animals found in this specific region.

Choice Holidays is now a well-established web portal working under Al-Canari’s Managing Director. Choice Holidays proved to be a successful excursion portal for complete client side satisfactions and long term relationships with its valued vendors, business partners and general public from all over the world.

A Message from Managing Director,

Hi everybody! Being an average human, I believe to do thing in more appropriate way that helps you speak little but your actions advocate you louder than your words. I rather say here, my business is my passion and I always use to figure out myself as a tourist, not as a tourist operator. I keep thing in progressive moldings till it satisfy my prospects of inner self and appreciations from my observers. This is the only reason; today Choice Holidays has emerged as innovative tourism firm in this region and spreading out its access to infinite horizons of Travel Industry.

We have a strong vision and decided road map ahead to move with our people, those who just believe in our quality services and always prefer us to choose as their first choice, prior any second thought in their minds. Developing a business strategy that keeps people interest and belief in us is what we are immensely and focally aimed.

I am thankful to all those who gave me a chance to prove myself, you all are my inspiration and I will remain patriotic, focused and in your services as you all gave me my recognition and you gave me an entity as a successful Managing Director to lead Choice Holidays and Al Canari Tourism. Every time when you give us your travel and tourism bookings, you let me feel the same and realize me that I am still good to serve you better because quality never compromised at Choice Holidays.

Best regards,

Managing Director

Al Canari Tourism & Choice Holidays

Dubai, UAE.